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Breastfeeding Resources
Enter your zip code for a list of all breastfeeding help in your area! Listings include lactation consultants, community breastfeeding educators and counselors, support groups, and WIC coordinators/clinics.

The Greater New Orleans Breastfeeding Awareness Coalition is an organization of persons with breastfeeding interest aimed at increasing awareness of the benefits of and support for breastfeeding in the New Orleans area.

Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition
The LBC is a member organization with the aim of making breastfeeding the norm in Louisiana. The LBC’s website links mothers, families and all sectors of the community to breastfeeding information and resources.

Mom-to-Mom Breastfeeding Support: La Leche League of Jefferson
La Leche League holds meetings for moms to discuss all things about breastfeeding with other moms. Anyone is invited to a meeting!

Mom-to-Mom Breastfeeding Support: La Leche League of New Orleans
La Leche League holds meetings for moms to discuss all things about breastfeeding with other moms. Anyone is invited to a meeting!

The Gift
The Gift is a quality improvement and certification program for Louisiana birthing facilities that is based on the best practice model to increase breastfeeding initiation, duration and support. Is your birthing center certified?

Partners for Healthy Babies
A list of Louisiana and New Orleans specific resources for breastfeeding mothers.

Women, Infants & Children (WIC)
WIC provides certain additional foods for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and infants and children up to 5 years of age. Breastfeeding moms can get breast pumps through WIC as well. Call (504) 568-8202 for more information, or click here to find clinic locations.

A Natural Parenting Boutique located in New Orleans, Louisiana. ZukaBaby specializes in breastfeeding accessories, cloth diapers, baby slings, and natural toys.

Hospital Breastfeeding Centers/Lactation Consultants in the New Orleans area:

  • Touro Infirmary: (504) 897-8130
  • East Jefferson General Hospital: (504) 454-4323
  • Ochsner Medical Center Main Campus: (504) 842-5210
  • Ochsner Medical Center West Bank: (504) 391-5195
  • Ochsner Medical Center Kenner: (504) 464-8345
  • Tulane-Lakeside Hospital: (504) 780-4365
  • West Jefferson Medical Center: (504) 349-6004

For more breastfeeding resources, click here.

Also, click here to check out our Breastfeeding for NOLA moms handout!

Local Women’s Health Organizations
Today in the New Orleans area, there are more quality community-based medical clinics than ever before, including more than 90 sites located across Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes – all run by names you know and trust. Most of the medical centers listed on this site accept private and public health insurance, or payments can be made on an income-based sliding fee scale. It is quality healthcare everyone can afford. Click the map button to view health clinic locations in the New Orleans area, or search by zip code or service type to find a center in your area that matches your needs.

For a list of our community partners, please click here.

MAC Publications
The Affordable Care Act and Women’s Health
We put together this presentation on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how it will affect women’s health coverage. We presented this PowerPoint at the 2013 Teamster Women’s Conference in New Orleans. We also made a handout to go with this presentation, which can be found here.

Breastfeeding for NOLA moms
This handout has some tips for making breastfeeding easier. It also has a list of New Orleans Area breastfeeding support organizations and their contact information.

The Business Case to Support Breast Feeding at Work – Policy Brief
This policy brief discusses why breast feeding is good not just for the family, but for the business as well. It also discusses laws regarding breast feeding and ways to set up a breast feeding support program at work.

Workplace Lactation Handout (for Employees)
This handout discusses the rights of a breastfeeding employee to time and place to pump breastmilk while at work. It also has some tips for talking to an employer about breastfeeding at work and a checklist of things to do during pregnancy and maternity leave.

Workplace Lactation Handout (for Employers)
This handout discusses the benefits of having a breastfeeding-friendly workplace, for the mom, the workforce, and the business. It also states the law regarding breastfeeding employees and their right to time and place to pump breastmilk while at work. The steps to becoming a Louisiana Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace are also listed.

National Women’s Health Organizations
Center for Collaborative Planning
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Community Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH)
Community Toolbox
HRSA Office of Women’s Health
Institute for Women’s Policy and Research
Kaiser Family Foundation
Kellogg Leadership for Community Change
Leadership Learning Community
Life Course Metrics Project 2015-2016 (AMCHP)
National Library of Medicine, Women’s Health Research
National Partnership for Women and Families
National Women’s Health Information Center
National Women’s Law Center
National Youth Leadership Council
Our Bodies, Ourselves
Society for Women’s Health Research
The Birthing Project
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Women’s eNews
Women’s Policy Inc.

Resources for MCH Professionals
MCH Library
The MCH Library is a virtual guide to MCH information. It offers a combination of MCH information compiled by library staff and pathways to the best MCH information available on other Web sites, from organizations, and in libraries.

MCH Navigator
The MCH Navigator project was launched by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) in early 2010 to address the professional development needs of the field. As budget reductions are shrinking funding for training-related time, cost, and travel, online resources are an effective alternative for continuing education. The MCH Navigator is a centralized portal for pursuing continuous learning in maternal and child health and is designed to help emerging and established MCH professionals map professional growth pathways. The MCH Navigator seeks to enhance access to currently available public health MCH learning resources by “matching” learner needs with learning paths. This initiative is intended to complement, and not be a substitute for, formal institutionally-based undergraduate or graduate education programs in maternal and child health.

Rewriting the Story on Toxic Stress – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Efforts to prevent and treat adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are gaining ground, yielding new solutions that can help minimize the negative impact that exposure to traumatic stress early in life often has on lifelong health outcomes. New resources are available to share with your networks to maintain momentum in addressing ACEs:

  • ACEs Summit materials – including videos and downloads from keynote and panelist presentations at the inaugural National Summit on ACEs – are available from the Institute for Safe Families, which cohosted the event with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation;
  • An infographic illustrating the prevalence and impact of ACEs; and
  • Case studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Education on three initiatives working to improve young children’s social-emotional growth and academic learning by providing direct support to parents and teachers.

South Central Public Health Partnership
The specific purpose of the South Central Public Health Training Center (SCPHTC) is to strengthen the technical, managerial, and leadership competence of the current public health workforce and to advance the knowledge and skills of the future public health workforce. Training topic areas center on competency-based, practice-focused courses addressing core functions and essential services; all trainings are based on formal training needs assessments in the south central region.

Women’s Health Policy
The Affordable Care Act
Learn more about how the Affordable Care Act affects women’s health.

Health Reform: What’s in it for Women
This fact sheet from the Kaiser Family Foundation discusses the specific parts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) that apply to women. It covers the Medicaid expansion, insurance exchanges and subsidies, insurance market reforms, temporary high risk pools, extended coverage for young adults on parent’s plans, essential benefits package, preventive care, and family planning.

Reproductive Health Care Policy for Women in the United States
This tutorial, developed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, discusses major trends in reproductive health; coverage, access, and financing; and health reform.

What You Need to Know About the Break Time for Nursing Mothers Law
The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) has published a new resource to help breastfeeding employees understand their rights in the workplace. This guide combines information from all federal sources addressing the law into a user-friendly online guide. This resource was developed in response to real questions from families and employers from across the nation, integrating feedback from target audience reviewers to ensure the content is comprehensive and accessible.

Who Will Be Covered for What in 2015 and Beyond?
This fact sheet from the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs (AMCHP) is an overview of projected public and private insurance coverage and essential health benefits for maternal and child health populations under the Affordable Care Act.

Women’s Health Quiz
Test your knowledge of women’s health coverage and the effect of the Affordable Care Act on women with this ten-question quiz from the Kaiser Family Foundation.