Breastfeeding in the Workplace

20 Tips for Working and Breastfeeding from

What You Need to Know About the Break Time for Nursing Mothers Law
The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) has published a new resource to help breastfeeding employees understand their rights in the workplace. This guide combines information from all federal sources addressing the law into a user-friendly online guide. This resource was developed in response to real questions from families and employers from across the nation, integrating feedback from target audience reviewers to ensure the content is comprehensive and accessible.

How to Talk to Your Employer About Nursing Breaks
Suggestions for ways that women who plan to breastfeed can talk to their employers about time, space, and support in the workplace.

The Working Mom’s site for the working mother.

Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet
Don’t understand the new law? Curious as to how the new law affects you as a breastfeeding and working mom? The DOL explains the law quickly and effectively.

Department of Labor’s Nursing Mothers Website
Information on required break time for nursing mothers.

Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Employer Solutions
A resource for employers on cost-effective solutions to support nursing mothers in the workplace, including break time and space solutions.

Breast Milk Counts
Great website for breastfeeding, working mothers!

National Rehab Breast Pump Assistance Product specialists can help with paperwork, shipping, and questions about insurance coverage for breast pumps. Click on the name for contact information.