The Mary Amelia Women’s Center was established as part of The Tulane Xavier National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health (TUXCOE) in 2003. TUXCOE was established in October 1998 by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health to “support innovative national model program projects for comprehensive and coordinated women’s health care, public and health care professional education, and research.” As a collaborative effort of Tulane University Health Sciences Center (TUHSC) and Xavier University of Louisiana, with the strong influence of the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, Loyola and Dillard Universities, it was a strong community network and partnership.

TUXCOE met its objectives through five core programs including: clinical services, leadership, health professional education, multidisciplinary research, and community outreach.

Objectives were:

  • Increasing the awareness of women’s health issues in the community and within academic medicine and the allied health professions;
  • Developing models to integrate clinical care, research, and professional and public education in women’s health;
  • Fostering and promoting expertise and excellence in the delivery of clinical care, research, and education in women’s health throughout the Gulf South;
  • Sustaining, nurturing and leading the agenda on women’s health issues in the South; and
  • Playing an advocacy role in women’s health through local, regional, and national partnerships.

The Clinical Care Center offered patient care, education and a resource facility. Leadership development initiatives improved professional opportunities for women and fostered leadership roles for women in medicine and science. TUXCOE mentored global MCH, pre-med, reproductive health, infectious disease, environment and women’s health, nutrition, public health and biology students. Through its professional education and research initiatives it increased and expanded professional knowledge of and interdisciplinary research on women’s health across schools in Tulane and universities in New Orleans, and through postgraduate and continuing education venues.

The Mary Amelia Women’s Center continues the strong community and educational partnerships begun by TUXCOE, as well as many of the research, outreach, education, leadership and advocacy objectives.