Description of MAC
The Mary Amelia Douglas-Whited Community Women’s Health Education Center, known as the Mary Amelia Women’s Center (MAC), was established in 2003 to provide outreach and education to the Greater New Orleans community. Today, the Mary Amelia Women’s Center has expanded its efforts to focus on community building for health, health promotion, research, and advocacy with the goal of improved health for women, children, and families.

Our Vision
To drive the field in women’s health knowledge and practice.

Our Mission
The Mary Amelia Women’s Center advances equitable health and well-being for women, children, and families.

Core Values

  • Community participation
  • Purposeful leadership
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Service
  • Sustainability

Core Purposes
MAC advances equitable health and wellbeing for women, children, and families through the following core purposes:
1. Cultivating community relationships
2. Fostering innovative research
3. Advancing advocacy and action
4. Empowering through outreach

  • Programs
  • Health information
  • Technical assistance
  • Training