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Kingsley House Early Head Start Child Care Partnership

Mary Amelia Women’s Center (MAC) has partnered with Kingsley House to evaluate their Early Head Start Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) program. The goal of the research program partnership is to develop and implement a comprehensive data collection system for Kingsley’s Early Learning Services Division, specifically the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership Program (EHS-CCP). Kingsley House is guided by the overarching mission to educate children, strengthen families and build community. Their child development services work in a comprehensive and intentional manner to ensure the provision of high quality early learning services that support school success and also family self-sufficiency.
Through the EHS-CCP Kingsley House is partnering with 9 privately owned childcare centers that were carefully selected because of their commitment to children and families and their desire to offer the highest quality services possible. This partnership helps to fill many of the unmet child care needs in the Orleans and Jefferson Parish communities. In addition, KH provides comprehensive services for their EHS children that are normally provided in HS/EHS centers (family support, screenings), as well as training for staff and ongoing technical support and monitoring is provided to ensure staff is integrating the knowledge learned into their daily work. It is expected that the overall quality of services at the partner centers will be enhanced as a result of the partnership. It is intended that these enhanced services will improve outcomes for children and families.
As the local evaluation partner (LEP), MAC, in collaboration with Kingsley House, will assess all facets of program implementation, including parent engagement, staff development, child progress and the overall outcomes of the service delivery and the Early Head Start models.

The following video animation illustrates how MAC partners with educators to improve learning skills for children.

MAC/Kingsley -EHS-CCP from Mary Amelia Women’s Center on Vimeo.