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Jennifer L. Glick

Dr. Glick is an Adjunct Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center, working on projects that explore gender expression, chronic stressors, and health-seeking behavior among sexual and gender minorities.

Dr. Glick received a Ph.D. in Public Health from the Department of Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Jennifer also holds a Master’s degree in public health and a graduate certificate in gender and sexuality studies from Tulane University. She has a strong interest in the intersections of gender, sexuality, public health, and social justice. Her dissertation work, “Gender Minorities and Public Health: Measurement, Discrimination, and Health Behavior”, focuses on the measurement of gender identity categories within the field of public health research and the associations between discrimination and health care access among gender minorities. She has extensive experience managing and directing HIV prevention interventions and sexual health promotion at the community level. She is currently involved in research collaborations with global and domestic partners focusing on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) measurement in domestic and global contexts, LGBT competency among public health practitioners and improving the LGBT curriculum and climate in public health institutions, and global HIV surveillance among transgender individuals. Additional research interests include community participatory action research, respondent-driven sampling, social determinants of health, minority stress, and the application of critical social theory on public health practice.

When not at her computer, Dr. Glick can be found learning to play the trombone, dancing in the streets, and sharing meals with her community.

Contact: Jennifer L. Glick