Mac was selected to be the local evaluation partner for Educare New Orleans. The Educare Learning Network (ELN) Implementation Study is designed to document the features of Educare and how implementation of the model contributes to program quality and links to child and family outcomes. The evaluation is led by a national evaluator at the Frank Porter Graham (FPG) Child Development Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill. Local evaluators and program directors from each Educare site are partners in decision making about the evaluation design. Local evaluators collect data at their site, using well-known assessments, observations, and interview items, and FPG processes and summarizes data across sites and ensures that high standards for training and reliability of data collection are maintained. We are also working closely with Educare New Orleans leadership to design a comprehensive research program partnership that expands on the requirements of the ELN Implementation Study to explore the linkages between health and education, specifically related to conditions throughout the life course that begin in early childhood.