Grants for Workplaces

Small grants are given to businesses in New Orleans to assist them in establishing breastfeeding support for their employees.

Grants are given while supplies last, to any business, as long as the business provides adequate justification as to why the grant is needed.

If your business would like to apply to receive a small grant package, please fill out this questionnaire and email it to The questions are also provided below for you to review:

1. Business Name:
2. Business Address/City/Zip:
3. Business Phone #:
4. Website:

5. Name and Title for first contact person:
6. Phone number for first contact person:
7. Email for first contact person:

8. Name and Title for second contact person:
9. Phone number for second contact person:
10. Email for second contact person:

11. Total Number of Employees (can be approximate):
12. Total Number of Women of Childbearing Age (can be approximate):

13. Designated space for employees to express milk currently exists? (Yes or No):
14. If yes, can you briefly describe your space (i.e. size, electric outlet available, location, water source nearby, etc.):
15. If no, please describe your timeline for establishing a designated lactation space:

16. What current resources or support, if any, do you have in place for your breastfeeding employees (e.g. break time for pumping, flex time, etc.):

17. What items would you like to apply for? Please choose no more than two of the following options:

  • Comfortable chair
  • Mini-Refrigerator
  • Breastfeeding Books/Lending Library
  • Multi-user, hospital grade breast pump with __ personal kits
  • Something else __________________________

We realize that needs are different for certain businesses, so if there is another item(s) that your business could use to support breastfeeding employees that is not listed above, please describe it in the “Something else” box.
Hospital grade breast pumps are normally stored in lactation rooms and shared by employees using personal attachment kits. Health insurance companies are required to cover the costs of personal pumps for women, and women who qualify for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) are eligible for a free personal pump.