Faculty Researchers

Tulane Faculty

The Mary Amelia’s Women’s Center collaborates with faculty researchers within the School of Public Health, across the University in other departments, and with additional institutions in New Orleans and beyond. Collaborations span across biological, behavioral, and social research topics. For more information about potential faculty collaborations, please see our list of current affiliate faculty or email us at mac@tulane.edu.

Tulane Transdisciplinary Life Course Research Cluster

In addition to our work with affiliate faculty, we are also part of the Tulane Stress and Environment Research Collaborative for Health Disparities. The overarching theme of all research projects within this cluster is “Preventing Health Disparities: from genes to neighborhoods.” We apply basic and biomedical as well as social science research with a long-term goal of an enhanced mechanistic understanding of the pathways through which stress, defined at multiple socioecological levels-community, interpersonal, individual-and at different early and sensitive periods in the life course-in utero, early infancy, childhood and adolescence-is biologically and behaviorally embedded to influence health across the life course. Our work also examines intergenerational paths of influence and transmission. Our goal is to foster novel prevention programs that build on psychosocial strengths of individuals and communities. Our aim is to alter these negative trajectories with a focus on sustainable implementation and successful dissemination of such programs, using community-based participatory research (CBPR) and ownership as a key ingredient to successful sustainable programs.