MAC is abuzz with the addition of 24 new Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplaces (BFW) to its list of businesses that support breastfeeding moms who have returned to work.

Earning the distinction of Breastfeeding Friendly means they comply with the US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This law stipulates that businesses provide a lactation room or clean private space that’s not a bathroom, as well as breaks to pump breast milk to breastfeeding moms returning to work. We also encourage businesses to ensure that there is a sink nearby to clean breast pump parts, and to communicate their commitment to breastfeeding support to all employees.

MAC and the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition have partnered to encourage businesses to comply with the law by accommodating breastfeeding mothers. MAC has a list of BFW listed on its website that includes businesses based in New Orleans as well as throughout Louisiana. In addition, many have become Breastfeeding-Friendly Champions which means that they also have made BFW literature a part of their written employee policies (handbook/posted in break room).

Initiating the steps to becoming a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace is easy. Visit and fill out the short application to be designated as a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace or Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Champion. To assist, the Louisiana Workplace Breastfeeding Support Program provides small grants, sample policies and other resources to those businesses that need assistance to qualify.

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