Extraordinary: Facebook Says 'Not On Our Watch' to Poverty Wages, Family Unfriendly Policies


Wow. An announcement by Facebook marks the dawn of a new day in this country. At a time when federal lawmakers are dragging their feet on fair and family friendly workplace policies, corporate America is beginning to step up by adopting these policies voluntarily — in Facebook’s case, by saying that the company won’t be party to poverty wages and practices that force workers to choose between job and family when illness strikes or they welcome new babies.

By announcing that it will require its U.S. contractors and vendors with 25 or more employees to provide a $15 minimum hourly wage, three weeks of paid time off, and $4,000 in additional support for new parents who do not get paid parental leave, Facebook has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to women, workers and families. The move makes for an extraordinary moment in the effort to establish more fair and family friendly workplaces in this country — and makes this an extraordinary moment in history.read more