Hartmann talk on paid leaves gains support from Senator Karen Carter Peterson


Drs. Chloe Bird, Rand Corp; Kat Theall, MAC Director; Phyllis Raabe, SPHTM and Hartmann chat after the lecture

Heidi Hartmann, President and Founder of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, lectured on the health and economic benefits of sick and family paid leaves during her March 26 visit to the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Hartman expounded on an analysis by the institute that revealed approximately 41 percent of all Louisiana workers lack even a single paid sick day. This lack of access is even more pronounced among low-income and part-time workers.

Louisiana Senator Karen Carter Peterson

As an added local connection regarding the topic of Louisiana paid leaves, Hartmann was introduced by
Louisiana Senator Karen Carter Peterson. The Mary Amelia Douglas-Whited Community Women’s Health Education Center at Tulane is providing research to the Senator who stated that she would introduce legislation on paid family and sick leave during the upcoming session.

Hartmann went on to discuss how access to paid sick days promotes safe and healthy work environments by reducing the spread of illness and workplace injuries as well as healthcare costs. Paid sick days also support children and families by helping parents meet their children’s health needs. Maternity and family leave is yet another hurdle that must be crossed in the paid leave saga.

The national Family and Medical Leave Act provides job-protected, unpaid leave to care for the birth or adoption of a new child, but only three states offer paid family leave. New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu recently instituted a rule that allows new mothers eight weeks paid leave, while husbands or domestic partners are allowed two weeks.

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