Feeding Babies Peanut Snacks Can Help Them Avoid Future Allergies


Introducing peanut-containing foods into the diets of babies including those prone to allergies is a safe practice and drastically reduces their risk of developing peanut allergies later on, according to a landmark clinical trial published online Monday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Allergy experts say the finding is likely to lead doctors to begin recommending that toddlers consume peanut butter and other peanut snacks even if they’re deemed to be at high risk because they have asthma, severe eczema, siblings with peanut allergies and other food allergy risks.

In the study, researchers randomly assigned 640 babies with high allergy risks who were older than 4 months to either eat a peanut-flavored puffed snack food three times a week or avoid all peanut-containing products until they reached their fifth birthday; those who were mildly allergic to peanuts based on skin-prick tests were also included in the study. read more