Greetings from our Director


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Greetings from the Mary Amelia Douglas-Whited Community Women’s Health Education Center (MAC)! 2015 promises to be yet another year of enlightening developments in research, evaluation, outreach and advocacy regarding the wellbeing of women, children and their families. The MAC Messenger is the vehicle that we use to disseminate a large amount of information that MAC shares with our public on an ongoing basis by way of our social media and web sites. In upcoming issues we will continue to share what has been achieved in women’s health as well as what is on the horizon. It is our hope that our alumnae, faculty, partners, and supporters will welcome our news and look forward to share as we inform you of the many topics, plans and events that are in store for MAC in the coming year.

Throughout 2014 we continued our strong community education and outreach programs, with an increased emphasis on the social determinants of health and health equity. The 2013 Report on the Health of Women and Girls in Greater New Orleans was released. It highlights the social, gender and regional factors that contribute to health disparities among women and girls in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, information which can then be used to create the best public policies. In addition our breastfeeding outreach increased momentum through our media campaigns Consider Breastfeeding and Is your Workplace Breastfeeding Friendly?. This collaboration between MAC and our breastfeeding partners seeks to normalize breastfeeding in the Greater New Orleans community and inform employers about the federal law that supports giving breaks and space for breastfeeding mothers to express milk.

As afore mentioned, we will continue in 2015 to enhance our communications platforms by connecting the public to MAC’s support of women’s health concerns through our website, newsletter, events and social media. We’ve made an addition to our team by welcoming a new Communications and Media Specialist who will assist in this effort.

As we proceed into MAC’s next decade, we are enthralled with enthusiasm! Our first 10 years marked great strides for the center and its mission. We are ever appreciative of the support and guidance we receive from The Frost Foundation, Ltd. and from the efforts of our team and students who work daily to keep our vision of advancing equitable health and well-being for women, children and families. We are also grateful to Baptist Community Ministries and the WK Kellogg Foundation for their programming support.

Katherine P. Theall, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Global Community Health and Behavioral Sciences
Cecile Usdin Professorship in Women’s Health
Director, Mary Amelia Women’s Center