The Louisiana Women's Policy & Research Commission releases it's 2013 report

The Louisiana Women’s Policy & Research Commission 2013 Report to the Governor has just been released. This annual report examines the status of Louisiana women by evaluating their economic, education, and health issues, analyzing trends that impact women’s health and prosperity, and providing policy recommendations to address the challenges women in our state face. This year the Commission took an extensive look at a diverse set of topics that included the impact of chronic disease on women, Louisiana’s gender-based violence-related policies, the need to help more women enter the sciences and pursue craft jobs, and incarcerated women’s medical and job skills training needs.

In an effort to empower readers, the Louisiana Women’s Policy & Research Commission 2013 Report to the Governor also includes resource information in its appendices. There is information on how to access health safety-net services in Louisiana to help readers become more engaged in maintaining their health. There is also information on regional women’s commissions, and on programs around the state that help educate girls about the sciences. The Commission’s hope is that readers can use the information on regional women’s commissions and existing science-focused programs for girls to become more engaged with positive, women-focused activities in their communities, and that existing organizations can also serve as templates for readers interested in starting new organizations in their own communities.

As well as sharing this report with over 100 women’s-focused organizations each year, copies of this report are sent to the Governor and to the Louisiana Legislature annually. More information on the Louisiana Women’s Policy & Research Commission and the Office on Women’s Policy can also be found here

You can view the report here