Landry-Walker Health Fair


The Landry-Walker High School Health Coalition and the Landry-Walker Student Government Association (SGA) collaborated to host a Health Extravaganza for the school’s students. The event’s goal was to bring health information and activities to students while allowing SGA students to build their skills in formative research, community outreach and organization. SGA students, teachers, and MAC staff surveyed students to determine the health topics viewed as most important to the Landry-Walker student body. Students and staff recruited community partners who could bring hands-on activities and information on these issues.

March 19, fifteen partner organizations shared information and activities that promoted healthy behaviors. Many organizations, such as LSU’s Department of Physiology and School of Public Health, provided hands on activities so that the students could get real life experience with things that can have a big impact on their health. The Department of Physiology provided “drunk goggles” allowing students to attempt walking in a straight line while viewing their surroundings as if they had a few alcoholic drinks. LSU’s Trim Teens Program brought plenty of examples demonstrating the amount of sugar in common drinks and snacks, and they provided the opportunity for students to sign up for their fitness and nutrition programming if interested. Several community groups, including NO/AIDS, Tulane’s School of Public Health, and Brotherhood, inc., focused on reproductive/sexual health by supplying students with information on HIV and STIs. MAC and Fit NOLA provided supplies for physical activity, so there was an abundance of hula hooping and jump roping in the courtyard.

As an added bonus, SGA students and Tulane Public Health students reached out to businesses for prizes to award students attending the Health Extravaganza. We would like to thank Dirty Coast, Defend New Orleans, Market Umbrella, Propaganda Group, and the New Orleans Recreational Department (NORD) for donating prizes! Among all of the prizes, the most notable was a piece of Super Bowl XLVII turf.