The 2013 Report on the Health of Women and Girls in Greater New Orleans


The Mary Amelia Women’s Center, with support from Newcomb College Institute, Louisiana Public Health Institute, and the City of New Orleans Health Department, has released a report that highlights the social factors that contribute to health disparities among women and girls in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes. The 2013 Report on the Health of Women & Girls in Greater New Orleans compiles data on the population in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes from local, state, and federal sources. Women and girls make up more than half of the residents in these parishes. Looking at health data by sex and region, as well as looking at the health of different groups of women and girls, reveals important disparities that help create the best public policies for everyone.

This report continues the conversation of how we work together to create a healthy New Orleans. Future reports will expand on this ongoing exploration of the status of women and girls in Louisiana.

The full report is now available at