Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project


The Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project is a major success with pledges from over 150 local businesses! MAC, in partnership with the Greater New Orleans Breastfeeding Coalition (GNOBAC) has hit the streets to encourage businesses to create supportive environments for breastfeeding mothers and employees. MAC’s outreach team has canvassed the Greater New Orleans area informing business owners and managers about the project and asking them to post the Breastfeeding Welcome Here sign. The result has been phenomenal, with many businesses in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes signing the pledge and displaying the sign.

The purpose of the project is to highlight breastfeeding-friendly establishments for mothers and families and to provide support (time and space) for the employees of those establishments. This project will help to cultivate comfortable shame-free areas such as shopping venues, libraries and restaurants, so nursing mothers will have the freedom to be away from home longer and support businesses in their communities.

MAC & GNOBAC invite businesses in the Greater New Orleans area to sign a pledge to: *Provide a comfortable, supportive environment for mothers to nurse in their establishment. *Ensure that all staff members are aware of the project. *Display the Breastfeeding Welcome Here signage in highly visible place. *Provide lactation accommodations (time and space other than a restroom) for their employees.

For more information about the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Project please email