Country Club Snubs Breastfeeding Mom


Country Club Snubs Breastfeeding Mom – Yahoo! (click to see original article)

This article is about Roseline Remans, wife of Belgian diplomat Tom Neijens, who started breastfeeding their daughter on the terrace of the Metropolis Country Club in White Plains early last month and was kicked out. A manager asked her to “leave immediately” and finish the feeding in the bathroom. Neijens argued, and the situation quickly escalated. The police arrived, cleared other diners from the terrace, and a detective walked over with “one hand on his gun, one hand on his Taser,” says Neijens, the first secretary of the Belgium Mission to the UN.

The detective accused the couple of trespassing, and he said some at the club feared the couple were terrorists, because Neijens was carrying a black backpack, the diplomat says. Remans pointed out they had a baby with them, to which the officer reportedly responded, “In Sri Lanka, babies are used by terrorists.” Things calmed down when Neijens took out his ID from the State Department, but the family was still escorted out. They weren’t members of the club, but had been given permission by staff to eat there anyway.